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Ceramic Coating

Waxedshine GSHC 

-5 Year Warranty
- One Product, One Layer, One hour Cure,
Ultra hydrophobic, Excellent chemical resistance, Graphene formula, Heals at 140F


Waxedshine PPS

-5 Year Warranty
-1 Layer on Paint,  great resistance to scratches, chemicals, UV rays all while offering a high level of gloss and hydrophobic finish

Waxedshine GSHC + PPS 

-10 Year Warranty
-1 Layer GSHC and 1 Layer of PPS


Waxedshine T+Sio2

-2 Year Warranty
- hard, glossy and hydrophobic surface helping prevent UV damage, fallout bonding to the surface, chemical resistance, easy cleaning as well as adding scratch resistance

Wheels off Coating 

-2 Year Warranty
-Wheels Removed and Full Wheel Coated, Calipers Coated

Full Interior Coating 

-All Interior Surfaces Coated and Protected

Waxedshine or PPF clear bra?

Because PPF and Waxedshine each have different qualities, you don’t have to see them as an either-or choice. You can actually have the best of both worlds.

Waxedshine can either be applied on top of the PPF layers to provide ultimate protection that is essential for navigating rough terrain and will make your car extremely low maintenance.

Or you can get a combination of PPF and ceramic pro applied to key areas of your vehicle.

Combining both Waxedshine and PPF will give you a glossy, extremely durable, hydrophobic coating that resists scratch marks, swirl marks and hard water spots and is super easy to clean.

What is Waxedshine?

GSHC is a certified installer graphene self healing coating that is formulated using organic and in-organic ingredients. GSHC is a blend of graphene and polymers in which silicon dioxide and nitrogen atoms alternate forming a dense cross linked layer that has memory allowing it to self heal. With this technology we are calling it SiOx as it is a complex multi-layer cross link technology. GSHC has extreme adhesion benefits to many surfaces and has a great standalone hydrophobic effect.

PPS Pro is a certified installer high solid coating that offers great resistance to scratches, chemicals, UV rays all while offering a high level of gloss and hydrophobic finish. PPS Pro can be used standalone or as a base layer to then add Top Coat or SHC as a final step. PPS Pro can also be layered to add more protection.

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